Quest Fitness South Jackson

Alisha Wilson

Eddie Smith "Smitty"

​Willie Moore

​Edric Foggy

Why Quest Fitness Trainers?

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While some people are already familiar with the benefits of working out, some need that extra push.

Our certified personal trainers help you meet specific fitness goals. From customized workouts to meal planning to nutrition assessments to ongoing support and motivation, our trainers are dedicated to giving you the best results.

Quest Fitness North Jackson

Natascha Donald "GI Jane"

Eddie Smith "Smitty"

​Willie Moore

We have personal trainers at all 3 locations, all certified and eager to assist you in your fitness journey. 

All of our personal trainers offer one-on-one training as well as group training.  

Come visit one of our locations or call to set up an appointment for more information on personal training today!